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Assurance Services

Assurance Services

At times third parties such as banks, bonding companies or funding agencies need to place reliance on a set of financial statements prepared by an organization.

In these instance, a Chartered Professional Accountant needs to be engaged to perform work on an organizations financial processes and express an opinion on the financial statements.  

This opinion may take either the form of an audit or review engagement report and, at CS&Co, we have many years’ experience in performing both types of engagements.

If you’re unsure of whether you might require a review or audit engagement, or would like to know more about what they are, feel free to contact us.

Accounting & Tax Services

Accounting & Tax Services

Entrepreneurs are great at running businesses but often find the accounting and taxation aspects onerous or confusing.

At CS&Co., we understand that the accounting function is only one aspect of a successful business. Our business is understanding your business and working to find practical solutions to ensure that owners are getting accurate, timely financial information and all government reports are being filed on time.

We pride ourselves in being able to communicate complex accounting concepts in a way that clients find easy to understand and recognize that individuals and organization have different needs as they grow.

We’ve had the privilege of seeing many long-term clients grow from small operations to large successful firms as we’ve worked with them to tailor their accounting and taxation services.

So whether you’re looking to start a new venture or have an established business, feel free to contact us.

Consulting Services

Consulting Services

As organizations grow or evolve, owners and managers often find that changes to existing systems of control, software, corporate governance, succession planning and strategic objectives need to be considered.

Our experience in working with clients from a variety of commercial and not-for-profit environments gives us practical experience in helping organizations navigate change. We understand that even the best laid plans have no value if they aren’t properly implemented and monitored for ongoing effectiveness.

If you are considering selling your business or handing the reigns over to employees or a family member, we are able, in conjunction with legal professionals, to provide clients with options on how to do this and guide them through the process.

So, whether you’re considering a change in accounting software or a full organization overhaul, and would like an objective sounding board, feel free to contact us.

Our consulting services include but are not limited to:

  • Accounting software selection and implementation
  • Organization valuations
  • Buying/selling a organization
  • Organization process improvement
  • Computer systems
  • Financial planning